The Brand

The Brand Anna In Bhutan is a high-end ethical fashion company based in New York City. We produce unique handwoven scarves that emphasize women’s work from talented Bhutanese weavers. 

More than a brand, We are a movement. We support Bhutan’s ideology, spirituality and the respect they give to its people, changing the world and leading a path against climate change. 

Not just a trendy item of clothing, but a unique and stylish memento that will protect you throughout your life's journey. A symbol for how the East can be an example to the West.

The softness of silk, brought to you from the mountains of Bhutan.

About Bhutan

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The story about The Kingdom of Bhutan is almost like a fairytale. Located between China and India, Bhutan is a small Buddhist country in the Eastern Himalayas, roughly the size of Switzerland. 

Led by enlightened monarchs and a constitution that imposes a democracy at all times, the average population of 750,000 is thriving with social development, environmental sustainability and cultural preservation. This holistic approach is locally called "Gross National Happiness," or GNH. All developments driven by GNH aim to improve happiness and the well-being of the Bhutanese people.

Over the years, the country has preserved its GNH following Buddhist principles by focusing on contentment and compassion. Even though Bhutan is one of the smallest economies in the world, education and healthcare are free for each citizen and each Bhutanese citizen has the right to his/her own piece of land. 

A Happy Environment

With its pristine environment, Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world. With a promise to remain carbon neutral at all times, Bhutan provides free electricity to its farmers. Even its Constitution states that the country must retain at least sixty percent forest cover at all times. Bhutan is one of the only countries actively fighting against climate change daily.

Our Scarves

At Anna In Bhutan, we are contributing to Bhutan’s social development, culture and environment. All of our scarves are “guilt-free” and carbon negative. An Anna in Bhutan scarf is not just an accessory. It’s a powerful, artful and imbued token added to your life that represents the values of the Kingdom of Bhutan in its entirety.

Empowering Women

Our women weavers are well-paid and work in the comfort of their own homes. In Bhutan, weaving is a tradition that has been passed on for generations: our weavers do it because they love to, not because they’re forced to. At Anna in Bhutan, we are inspired by the matriarchal society of Bhutan, where women lead and are the decision makers of the family.

The Blessing

All of our scarves are meticulously hand-woven and perfected -- a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. After the weaving process, they are brought to a buddhist temple located in the green lush valley of Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital, where they undergo an individual and unique blessing by highly revered monks. These monks are respected for the manner in which they preserve the Mind, Body, and Soul in its purest form. It is believed that this blessing will bring its future owner prosperity, harmony, and good luck. The blessing ceremony is an unbreakable link between the owner, the weaver, and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

The Founder

Kate Broug is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and climate-change activist. After a series of inspiring trips to Bhutan, she decided to bring the magic of the country to the rest of the world with Anna In Bhutan, an ethical, luxury scarf line handmade in Bhutan and blessed by high ranking lamas of the Buddhist faith. Through Anna In Bhutan, Kate has created a business that is sustainable, carbon-negative and supports local female artisans. In the process, she has forged strong relationships with members of the Bhutanese people and the royal family.