Anna In Bhutan


Anna In Bhutan is a high end ethical fashion company. It produces unique hand-woven scarves, emphasizes women’s work from talented Bhutanese weavers and protects the planet.

More than being a brand,  it’s a movement. It supports Bhutan’s ideology and spirituality and the respect of its people. It’s changing the world indirectly and leading a path against climate change.

It's not just a trendy item of clothing. It's a unique, stylish accessory that will protect you throughout your journey, and a symbol for how the East can be an example in the West.


Our Scarves


At Anna In Bhutan, we are contributing to Bhutan’s social development, culture and environment. All our scarves from our fashion brand are “guilt-free.” We create a carbon negative scarf line and make sure that the weavers are well-paid, enjoy doing what they do and that the scarves are made with respect for the environment. 

Buying an Anna in Bhutan scarf is not just buying an accessory. It’s adding a powerful, artful and imbued token to your life that represents the values of the Kingdom of Bhutan in its entirety.